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Mazza's Letter to the Ephesians

EPHESUS: From Mother Goddess to God's Mother. Capital of Roman Asia, Ephesus was one of their largest cities & home to one of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Great Temple of the Goddess Artemis. (Only a single column remains of what would have dwarfed the Parthenon.) Artemis, or "Diana," was a mother-goddess bringing fertility and prosperity to this once ancient port-city. Tourists can still buy silver statuettes of the many-breasted diva. St Paul preached monotheism in the city and his followers were dragged in a riot to the ancient amphitheatre, seating a max of 24,000, one can still rest in its bleachers-and test its acoustics. St. John is said to have built a house here for Mary, the Mother of Jesus, & the reconstruction is visited by millions of Christians (& Muslims). In 431, the Council of Christian bishops met in the city declaring her "Mother of God."

Posted by Edmund Mazza on Monday, August 24, 2009


UPDATE: SALE EXTENDED by popular demand! Enroll now: cost is $300 for one course or $450 if you sign up for both for the Fall semester.

Happy to report that Mazza history classes will be recorded and available to view outside of actual class time!

If you’d be interested in Live (and recorded) Online Church History & World History courses with Dr. Ed, please enroll by selecting one of the enrollment buttons below. ¬†We will tentatively start Church History 101 on Tues Sept 15th at 6 pm PDT (and finish on Tues Dec 22nd, NO class on Tues Nov 3rd: Election Day). In January 2021 we hope to offer Church History 102 (AD 1213-2013) and World History 102 (AD 1300-2013). Content: Ages 13 and up.

Classes will tentatively run approximately 70-80 minutes. Q&A will follow for 10 minutes or more for those who can stay. We will have quizzes and I will suggest readings. No tests. No pressure. Tentative schedule below:

We will tentatively start World History 101 on Wed Sept 16th at 6pm PDT (and finish on Wed Dec 23rd, NO class on Wed Nov 24th: Thanksgiving Eve). Classes will run approximately 70-80 minutes. Tentative schedule below:

Church History 101: Acts (AD 33) to Albigensians (AD 1233)

  • 9/15 Acts of the Apostles
  • 9/22 Apostolic Fathers & Popes & Gnostic Heresy
  • 9/29 Fathers: Eucharist & Martyrdom
  • 10/6 Constantine & Arian Heresy
  • 10/13 St. Augustine & Manichaean Heresy
  • 10/20 Pope St. Leo & Monophysite Heresy
  • 10/27 St. Anthony & St. Benedict & Monasticism
  • 11/10 Justinian & Theodora & Hagia Sophia
  • 11/17 Islamic Heresy
  • 11/24 Iconoclastic Heresy & Eastern Schism
  • 12/1 Empire & Church
  • 12/8 Crusades
  • 12/15 Cathedrals & Universities
  • 12/22 St. Dominic & The Rosary & The Albigensian Heresy

World History 101: Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica

  • 9/16 Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel
  • 9/23 Greece
  • 9/30 Greece
  • 10/7 Roman Republic
  • 10/14 Roman Empire
  • 10/21 Christians
  • 10/28 Age of Constantine
  • 11/4 Age of St. Augustine
  • 11/11 Barbarians & Benedictines
  • 11/18 Islamic Civilizations
  • 12/2 China
  • 12/9 Mongols
  • 12/16 High Middle Ages
  • 12/23 Mesoamerica

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